Starter Packages

Registering a Company Package

Simple Business Incorporation
You are starting a business and want to register a company? For $999 plus GST, if you prepay, you get:

1. a complimentary 45 minute consultation 7. director consents
2. lodging your company documents with ASIC 8. bank account resolutions
3. certificate of incorporation 9. director resolutions
4. a simple constitution 10. bank account letter
5. share certificates 11. ASIC form 201
6. instruction sheet on what to do 12. secretary consent

All documents provided will be digital (electronic)

If you don’t prepay, and pay only after registration then an extra $20 plus GST is added to the invoice.

ABN Registration
For an extra $199 plus GST we can register your ABN for you provided you have given us all your information.

Business Name Registration
For an extra $150 plus GST plus ASIC’s charges, we can register one (1) business name for you.

Further 5% Discount
If we do your registration, we can offer you an extra 5% discount on all other corporate and commercial advisory and legal services you instruct us on. We also offer monthly company secretarial services should you require this. Please contact us for more information.

Conveyancing (Commercial and Residential) Package

Conveyancing refers to the legal and administrative work involved in transferring ownership of a legal title of property or a business from one person to another.

Residential Conveyancing
For $1,850 plus GST plus any government charges (eg council, water etc), we offer fixed fee conveyancing for residential properties to help our clients avoid expensive hourly rates and provide peace of mind when buying or selling a residential property.

Commercial Conveyancing
As commercial conveyancing slightly more complex, if you provide us with the background, necessary documents, list of assets and special conditions, we can offer you a fixed fee starting from $5,000 plus GST.

Commercial Leasing
For $1,500 plus GST plus any government charges (eg land title offices to register the lease), we can offer you a simple lease agreement tailored to your situation.

Yes, it is possible to get a cheaper rate with a conveyancer – but a conveyancer is not a lawyer and there are many benefits and assurances when instructing a lawyer instead and receiving top-tier advice. And this encompasses unlimited time on the phone to you in relation to the conveyancing matter.

Trademark Package

General Trademark Searches
For $300 plus GST, we can conduct trademark searches in Australia and overseas.

Drafting a Trademark Application
For $700 plus GST plus any government fees, we take your instructions and prepare your application to be filed with IP Australia on your behalf.
If there is more than one (1) class, then an extra $150 plus GST plus any government fees will apply.

Acceptance of your Trademark Application
For $300 plus GST, we will receive, handle and liaise with any relevant parties in relation to the Acceptance stage of your trademark application (if accepted) and receive any and all correspondence from IP Australia.

Attending to Registration of your Trademark
For $400 plus GST plus any government fees, we will attend to the registration of your trademark with IP Australia.
If there is more than one (1) class, then an extra $150 plus GST plus any government fees will apply.